About Me


Oh where to begin…

My name is Brooke Banks. Or I should say, my reviewing public name is. With the internet, being female, my abusive ex, and my progressive politics, I keep everything disconnected from my government name for safety’s sake.

I started this blog years and years ago, but had to take several long breaks due to life upheaval. However, I’ve been back, going strong, and more stable than I’ve ever been.

So much has changed since I’ve been gone! I do not get nor want Instagram or snapchat at the moment (seriously, awful at taking pics), but I’m in love with the books for trade and diverse books movement. And lord, have Indies have grown! I’m so proud though I had nothing to do with it. I will always support Indies.

As a reader,

I read basically every genre except non-fiction, self-help and Christian. Romance is best mixed-in with something else, but I will rage if another dystopian is waylaid by a fucking relationship domination. In general, I don’t like love shapes and open endings, but there’s always exceptions.

I’m more of a dark, creepy and alternative girl so my favorites are usually those types, but I do love me some light fluff too. And don’t forget the smut! Not much into erotica, but every once in awhile, an itch needs to be scratched.

I read more young adult than adult books and way more adult than new adult. In theory, I love the new adult subgenre. High schools, parental influence, and first jobs are different than college, supporting yourself, and being on your own so hell yeah, separate that out so I can find what I’m looking for! What I’ve found…not so much. However, years have passed since I was introduced to it and hope to find a broader spectrum in this age range.

My main sources of books are freebies, giveaway wins, charity shops, trading, libraries (all the love) and very occasionally buying them. Since I don’t re-read or have lots of space, I’m not really into collecting for the sake of it.

Unless it’s absolute favorite I want to hug and keep, I cycle them out. If not trading, then gifting and donation. And I adore e-books for oh, so many reasons. They solve a lot of my problems for sure.

What I am working on collecting is dragons. I cannot love dragons more. Dragon books? MINE.

I saved up to get these detailed, sturdy, black beauts that proudly hold up my favorites (spot the theme?) and give me extra space by being able to withstand the four fluffy fat cats running around here.


I’ve always been a voracious reader. A typical nerd that grew up with my nose in a book. I did aces in school and got my G.E.D at 16. A couple months before my 17th birth day, I was in community college and doing work study in their financial aid department. I had my daughter that summer, took summer courses, and worked full-time there. I didn’t sleep much, but I loved it.

My earliest pleasant memories are books. They were my escape, my life line, and wished they were my only world. My middle school library was amazing. The librarian refused to pull Harry Potter when that Christian witch scare business was going around. And had books like Luna, Cut, Speak, and Making the Run. I wouldn’t be the same person without that safe, inclusive space. She was a bastion in a small, rural, white, conservative, religious, sundown town.

Story Time:

One day, that lovely librarian told us a story I never forgot. When she was in college, students were protesting the racist history books. They asked her to join but she didn’t get it. She was devoted to school and continued on, never speaking up. She said that was one of the biggest mistakes in her life. She didn’t try to understand but now she did and wished she would’ve walked out with them.

She told us this hoping we wouldn’t make the same mistake. That we wouldn’t just sit in ignorance and accept things how they are. It was the first time in my hell-hole life that someone spoke of privilege and with the books from other people’s perspectives, I started on my progressive journey.

I haven’t stopped and never will.



I participate in a lot of giveaways, blog tours, and stuff like that. Not only to support my habit, but to support great books and share the deals with others.



I’m a working poor mother of an intelligent, resourceful, play hard mixed-race daughter. I was a teenage mom with an abusive ex. I put my plan into action a couple months after my dragling was born and never looked back. We had to bounce from shelter to shelter until 5 years ago when I could finally get an apartment. We’ve been in the same complex since. I love seeing her grow, making connections and staying in the same place.

It hasn’t been easy of course. We’ve been on food stamps, WIC, free state medical insurance, and briefly cash assistance. We’ve had to scrounge, beg, borrow, and get donations throughout it all.

My daughter never had the privilege of believing in Santa Claus. When there’s no money, no chimney, and anything you do get is random stuff from strangers, there’s not much to do but get real. To be honest, I’m kinda glad I have this excuse. I didn’t want to lie to her about shit like this anyways. But I do wish I could’ve given her something from me for happier memories at the time.

Then little over a year ago, I got my current job. Starting rate was okay and they’ve recognized my work ethic and performance to an almost living wage now. Not much breathing room, but I can get what we need on our own and occasionally do something more.

Things have markedly improved since then. I have co-workers I adore like “if you go, I go!” Had a much needed dental surgery (not covered by the state if you’re over 18 and it’s so expensive!) which got rid of a lot of daily pain (though I still need to save up for more). I have started on the path to find the right medication cocktail for my depression and anxiety and hunting for the right therapist.

Even though 40 hours are spent working and 10 for commuting, I have more time, energy, stamina, and will to do more stuff than I ever have done before. Mainly, I contribute that to my current meds, but still. This job has taken a load off.

Last year was the first year I splurged on Christmas for my daughter. I even went to Walmart on Black Friday (which started on Thursday?!?) to get a decent, cheap laptop for her. It’s a luxury yes, but it’s helps so much too. She’s better at school, which is starting with computers very early due to our technological society, and better at getting her homework done with her own space and resources. This year for fourth grade, her class has iPads to facilitate learning and I’m confident enough in where we are that she can take it home.


I had a rough childhood and do not speak to any of my family except my mother. No one. And I don’t need to justify it or explain it in detail for anyone’s judgement. It’s better this way for me and child. End of story. Why in the world people feel the right and need to butt in, interrogate and play jury on this sort of thing, I have no idea. I’m not comfortable speaking about it like this and only the closest people to me know.


My pay the bills job is a customer service rep in a call center for facility services. Companies contract with my employer so they can call us up and have a technician come fix their building issues. It’s another call center in a string of them. Which means I love all the funny pics, tweets, and memes about customer service. (Customer is not always right. I’m on here like every day.)

My very first job was a cashier at a Chinese restaurant. The free food was great but then my morning sickness kicked in and I couldn’t stand the smell of Chinese food for a while. Thankfully, 9 years later, I am now able to eat it again.

The one job I loved and wish I could get back to was doing financial aid at a community college. Of course, I also want the USA to get with the program and reform their education system to be free so…


Since I won’t share pics of myself or my daily life usually due to security and insecurity, I thought I’d fill out those character trait sheets to fill you in on some other stuff. Or if you just wanted to scroll past all my rambling.



  • Full name: Brooke Banks
  • Identifies As: Woman
  • Age: 26
  • Star/Zodiac Sign : Taurus
  • Job: Call Center CSR
  • Current Residence: Arizona
  • Sexuality: Straight but questioning
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Lineage: Fucked up white trash
  • Languages spoken: 1
  • Native language: English
  • Smoker ?: Yes
  • Drinker ?: Yes
  • Drug User ?: Weed



  • Height: 5’6”
  • Skin colour: White
  • Figure/build: Overweight
  • Tattoos: None, but want several
  • Hairstyle and colour: long brown hair
  • Piercings: No.
  • Eye colour: hazel
  • Distinguishing Features: Uh, let’s not go there…
  • Scars: Acne scars, cutting & abuse scars, stretch marks
  • Preferred style of clothing: Casual, Jeans, Dark colors




  • Myers-Briggs Type: ISFJ-T, The Defender
  • Mental Peculiarities: Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety
  • Sociability: Introvert
  • Fears/phobias: public speaking, that people are lying or faking
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Favourite colour(s): Black, blue
  • Favourite food(s): Pizza, hamburgers, fries, the usual…
  • Favourite drink(s): Water, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Hot Chocolate
  • Hobbies:
  • Talents/skills:



  • Parents: Father – Dead to Me. Mother – Undead.
  • Siblings: None.
  • Children: Daughter.
  • Best Friend: Roomie
  • Pet(s): Sabella, Sol, Salem, and Lily

Rapid Fire This or That

  • Netflix or YouTube?
    • Youtube because free and I don’t have netflix 🙁
  • Phone Call or Text?
    • Text
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?
    • Ice cream
  • While walking: Music or Podcasts?
    • Music
  • iOS or Android?
    • Android
  • What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?
    • Dishes
  • Bath or Shower?
    • Shower
  • Sneakers or Sandals?
    • Sneakers
  • Glasses or Contacts?
    • Glasses
  • Hamburger or Taco?
    • Hamburger
  • Passenger or Driver?
    • Passenger. I literally don’t know how to drive.
  • Money or Free Time?
    • Money?
  • Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
    • Depends on the weather and if I can opt out and read :/
  • Pen or Pencil?
    • Pen. I have SO MANY PENS.
  • Toilet paper: Over or Under?
    • Neither. On top of the holder…
  • Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?
    • Upside down
  • Coke or Pepsi?
    • Coke
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?
    • Iced
  • Honesty or Other’s Feelings?
    • Honesty says my gut, other people’s feelings says my anxiety.
  • Coffee or Tea?
    • Neither…but I’ll drink iced coffee
  • Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?
    • Home
  • Ocean or Mountains?
    • Mountains
  • Winter or Summer?
    • Winter
  • Mac or PC?
    • PC
  • Soup or Sandwich?
    • Sandwich
  • Beer or Wine?
    • Neither. I will take a Jack and Coke or Sunrise tho 😀
  • Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?
    • Home. How is this even a question?
  • Dine Out or Delivery?
    • Delivery
  • Sweater or Hoodie?
    • Hoodie
  • TV Shows or Movies?
    • Shows
  • Scrambled or Over Easy Eggs?
    • Over easy
  • Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
    • Hamburgers
  • Taco Bell or McDonalds?
    • McDonalds
  • Sweet or Sour?
    • Sweet
  • Pringles or Lays?
    • Lays, with ridges please.
  • Salt and Vinegar or Sour Cream and Onion?
    • Both are equally good.
  • Surge Soda or Mellow Yellow?
    • Surge
  • Air Dry or Hair Dryer?
    • Air. I live in AZ.
  • Tattoos or Piercings?
    • Tattoo
  • T-Shirt or Button Up?
    • T-shirt. I have yet to find a button up that can handle my boobage.
  • Flip Flops or Sneakers?
    • Sneakers. Never, ever flip-flops. Hate open toed shoes.
  • Bright or Neutral Colors?
    • Neutral
  • SpongeBob or Patrick?
    • SpongeBob
  • Xbox or PlayStation?
    • PlayStation
  • Hot Weather or Cold Weather?
    • Cold. Yet I live in AZ. It’s a long story…
  • Sunshine or Storms?
    • Storms
  • Spring or Fall?
    • Fall
  • Fan or Air Conditioner?
    • AC
  • Dogs or Babies?
    • Dogs.
  • eBay or Amazon?
    • Amazon
  • Christmas or Halloween?
    • Halloween

Anything else you like to know? Drop me a line!