First, thank you for considering me for reviewing your book. In your request, please include all the information and links for your book, especially if you would like to include it in the review post. You can email me here: broke(dot)book(dot)bank(at)gmail(dot)com

Hopefully, you’ve checked out my reviews and liked what you read. I usually write long, detailed reviews discussing both the pros and cons I found. I cite with page numbers as well, so you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Like every reviewer, my opinions are subjective and I come with my own pet peeves and preferences.

I post reviews on many different sites : my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, BookLikes, Barnes & Noble, Shelfari, and LibraryThing. If there is some place I’m missing, let me know. =) I’ll tweet and share on social media sites as well.

I’m very honest in my reviews and often discuss things in detail (with spoiler warnings if needed of course). I know a lot of other book bloggers don’t post DNF or low star reviews. I do. I will post those reviews in every review place that I post favorable reviews. I, personally, don’t feel comfortable with hiding my low star rating reviews. It feels hypocritical and wrong.

Some have taken to harassing and trying to silence reviewers who put up such reviews. That is wrong and I will not tolerate it. I will document everything and report such acts. I will make the information public. (It’s sad the problem was gotten so bad but I had to put up the warning.)

I do have a stack of To Be Read books so any requests will usually have a wait time. It will depend on when the request is made but it might take a month or two.

 I do participate in blog tours, hops, etc., so if there’s one for your book it will be given priority and not subject to a wait time. (If I chose to participate.) If there’s a release date or special event coming up, I will try to accommodate and make the date. 

I do review programs like Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Netgalley, which also takes priority, so let me know if your book is listed there.

It’s up to my discretion to accept or deny any book for any reason. If I do accept your review copy, I will schedule it to be done. Please be understanding if things come up to get delayed or if I’ve backed out. I’ll keep you informed of any issues and will explain what happened/why. This hasn’t been an issue yet and I hope it never will but, you know, shit happens. I will NOT spread around the e-book review copy.

What Types of Books?


I do accept hardcovers, paperbacks and e-books. Preferably epub or Kindle for e-books, but I can usually just convert formats so it should be fine. I accept new, published, and upcoming (ARCs) books. I’m also a happy supporter of Indie authors, including self-published. I also support and enjoy QUILTBAG books. I am actively looking to expand my reading experience in this genre.

By Age:  

I read Young Adult, New Adult and Adult books. YA is a favorite of mine. I don’t read Middle Grade or younger because I’ve done a few and found I’m too far out of the range to enjoy it. But my daughter’s growing up so things may change.

By Content:

I don’t have a problem with violence, sex, drugs, abuse, or cussing in general. I will put up Trigger Warnings for subjects like rape. Also, just because I am open to reading such topics but that doesn’t mean I won’t have a problem with certain specific uses of them.

Preferred/Favorite Genres:

·        Fantasy, including but not limited to: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dark/Noir Fantasy, High/Low Fantasy, Fairy Tales,
·        Science Fiction , including but not limited to: Dystopian, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies
·        Mystery (including cozy mysteries)
·        Suspense/Thriller 
·        Contemporary

Pickier About:

·        Historical
·        Romance (I am willing to read Erotica too, but I’m not often interested and find those awkward to review.)
·        Chick-lit
·        Horror

Don’t Read

·        Non-fiction
·        Self-help
·        Religious, including books with heavy religious themes/morals/leanings.


I’m happy to do guest posts, interviewsgiveaways, and other fun extras. I think these are great ways to market to readers, especially Indie authors since many readers need extra convincing to dip a toe in. I’m really flexible so if you’re interested please mention that in your request.

Rating System

Amazing-        5          – Loved everything about it.
Superior-        4.5       – one of the best with minor problems
Great   –          4          – Great book with several minor or one major problem
Good   –          3.5       – Good book, slightly better than average because reasons
Average-        3          – Good read, Like it.
Not Bad-         2.5       – But has some issues.
Okay-              2          – But not my thing
Meh-               1.5        – Not my thing but has some issues
Dislike –          1          – Regrettable
Hate-              .5         – I finished it…
DNF-               0          -Enough Said

Did you see what a 3 star rating is? Good! I don’t know why or where this “anything under 4 stars is crap” mentality came from but I DO NOT agree. If you hate 3 stars reviews, feel entitled to more or they hurt your fee-fees, then don’t request a review from me. 3 stars is average, av-er-age, got that?

Awesome, because I don’t want drama because people fail to read my review system. Sure, I may bring up and focus on the reasons why the book doesn’t rate higher, but that doesn’t mean my praise should be disregarded.

Sometimes writing praise is harder. Sometimes I can’t talk about it because it would spoil the book. And sometimes maybe the negatives do overshadow the good for me, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the parts that I liked.

How would you like it if I ignored the parts I liked? Bet you’d be wishing for 3 stars then.

How do I decide Ratings?

It boils down to how I felt about a book. It’s entirely possible for a classic like Catcher in the Rye to get a “Hated it” rating while a fluffy beach read gets 5 stars for example. (I haven’t reviewed Catcher in the Rye but I did hate it.)

I don’t have a calculated points system like -2 for sexism but my enjoyment is heavily impacted by including such bullshit and I will bring it up. Of course, it’s not all gut feeling either. I do think reflect after reading, and while writing my review.

Fair warning – reviewers are like books, everyone has their own style and preference. Choose wisely.

It’s important to hunt around for reviewers, we’ve all got our own way of looking at things. It’s subjective! It’s ALL subjective. The only way for it to be objective is if you’re just doing the technical mark ups like grammar. It’s not like anyone disagrees about grammar… (link to Grammar girl and ending a sentence on a preposition.)

I do include good points and bad points. I mention my personal hang-ups to give a rounded view of where I’m coming from. I don’t write bashing reviews, i.e. I will not attack you as an author.

However, I can and will sometimes be hyperbolic, snarky, snide and harsh. Even if I didn’t like your book, I try to include a good points about it. I try to suggest other kinds of readers who might like it even if I didn’t.
I’ll give everyone the fairest shake I can, but nothing is universally loved and I might just say “This is one of the worst books I’ve ever read.” That’s just how it works out sometimes unfortunately.

If you want to limit my reviews, (i.e. “Please don’t post a low star review”) don’t request a review from me. That’s not I operate and will not be pressured into being positive when I’m not.

Honest is the best policy here, which includes being brutally honest. If you want more specifics or to talk specifically about my review, I’m open to that in order to have a constructive criticism. However, even if I end up being good friends with an author, that doesn’t mean I’ll hide my true feelings about their book. (This has happened and been positive experiences so far.)

I include:

In my reviews, you’ll see that post the book cover, blurb, details, author bio, author links and buy links for the book. If there are additional promotions like a book video, please let me know. Book videos are posted if I find them immediately in my search but I don’t specifically search them out since I don’t watch them on my own. This is why it is so helpful if you include all the information you possibly can about you and your book when you email me.

FTC Disclaimer

I do receive copies of books for free in order to give a review. I also sometimes buy, or am gifted books by friends as well. I do disclose in my review where I got my copy of the book. I do not accept any payment for my views. They are always my own honest opinion and I do not receive compensations for it.
I do participate in blog tours, blasts, and blitzes. I’ve not read every single one of those books, but simply found the book interesting and wanted to pass the word on. The giveaways and links are given to me to post. That’s it. That’s the length of my involvement.
I do use one affiliate link: Amazon. My main purpose is trying to find a way to support the blog and giveaways. They are always marked as an affiliate when posted.