1.       Content over tone: I do not give a fuck about cursing. I do not give credence to civility rules and respectability politics that favor the privileged. Smiling while saying vile bullshit is what’s really rude, not cuss words. Don’t like it? Fuck off.
2.         Attack the idea, not the person Attack what they can control, not what they can’t. This former is bullshit because ideas are not platonic ideals. People’s ideas and beliefs affect how they interact with the world; your actions are ripe for targeting since it’s your actions that are the problem. There’s no thought police, just reactions based on people being bigots. People can change that and should. That’s not so with race, gender, orientation and appearances, etc. So be my guest to call that person a racist fuckwad.
3.      Cussing is fine, splash damage is not. Slurs of any kind will not be tolerated, e.g. n*gger, cunt, fag(got), retard, gyp, etc. Same goes for bigoted comments, slut shaming, fat shaming, and jokes that punch down like almost all rape jokes and suicide jokes. Same as “women are money-grabbing harpies” and similar statements; It doesn’t have to include slurs to cause splash damage.
a.      Self-identifiers and reclaiming words for yourself (like women who call themselves bitches) are exempt provided it’s not forced unto others.
4.      Punch up instead of down. Punching up the oppression spectrum is a wonderful thought provoking way to subvert the status quo. It’s the difference between Wanda Syke’s rape deterrent stand up and Tosh.O’s rape threat. It’s also seen in smaller instances like mocking rich fashion trends (as long as you don’t fuck it up by being sexist, etc.) and not mocking the poor who can’t afford different or better clothes.
5.      I reserve the right to publish with full identifying information any threats and harassment I receive.

6.      If you post anyone’s identifying personal information, threaten, or out them, you will be banned, reported, and the comment deleted.
7.      I’m happy to be corrected on facts but have no patience for snobby grammar police. I do know and am working on better writing and grammar so helpful tips, corrections, and pointers is fine, but watch the attitude. Fuck elitist bullshit.
8.      You can be a fan of problematic media while valuing social justice. Not everything posted will be issue free. There are ways to be a fan without continuing harm. From
a.      Firstly, acknowledge that the thing you like is problematic and do not attempt to make excuses for it.
b.      Secondly, do not gloss over the issues or derail conversations about the problematic elements.
c.      Thirdly, you must acknowledge other, even less favorable, interpretations of the media you like.
d.      Fourthly, you need to respect the fact that others may be so upset or angered by media you love that they don’t want to engage with it at all.
9.      I do endeavor to make this a safe space and use trigger warnings, so I expect commenters to follow suit. Repeated warnings and disregard for other commenters will earn a ban. The banning will be immediate for deliberate assholes.
10.   I don’t give a fuck if you’re religious but don’t expect me to follow your rules, especially not in my space. I give every religion the same respect: none. Religious outrage, preaching, and proselytizing will get you nowhere here.

11.    I can update and change this policy as I see fit. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting to add but this covers most things and I will adjust as the need arises.