Deposing Nathan: Ownvoices Bi Contemporary Mystery

Do you love twisty sneaking narratives utterly captivating from the get? Soft Bi boys and tortured angsty boys?

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About deposing nathan:

I received this book for free from Fantastic Flying Book Club in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Deposing Nathan: Ownvoices Bi Contemporary MysteryTitle: Deposing Nathan
Author: Zack Smedley
Pub. Date: May 7, 2019
Publisher Page Street Kids
Genres: Contemporary, M/M, Young Adult
Format: ARC, ebook
Pages: 400
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For sixteen years, Nate was the perfect son—the product of a no-nonsense upbringing and deep spiritual faith. Then he met Cam, who pushed him to break rules, dream, and accept himself. Conflicted, Nate began to push back. With each push, the boys became more entangled in each others’ worlds...but they also spiraled closer to their breaking points. And now all of it has fallen apart after a fistfight-turned-near-fatal-incident—one that’s left Nate with a stab wound and Cam in jail.

Now Nate is being ordered to give a statement, under oath, that will send his best friend to prison. The problem is, the real story of what happened between them isn’t as simple as anyone thinks. With all eyes on him, Nate must make his confessions about what led up to that night with Cam…and in doing so, risk tearing both of their lives apart.

IMHO: deposing nathan

Content Warning: Homophobia, Hate Crime, Child Abuse,

Deposing Nathan is testimony on how difficult sexuality and homophobia can be, even for the more privileged.

Let me get the one personal preference bit out the way first: I’m an atheist. I’m as anti-religious as possible without being an asshole. Thus, I did not connect with Nathan’s love and struggle with the Church. I kept thinking, “but WHY?” At least until the Mom connection was explained.

Now for the one unfavorable bit: I was justifiably pissed off in the beginning. I literally made a note that if SOMEONE didn’t start pointing out how awful and unreasonable SOMEONE ELSE was being, I was going to quit because fuck pretending that shit is okay.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to quit.

As far as how things went….
  • Bi boys!
  • Love the dialogue between Nate & Cam
  • Confronts the bi’s are cheaters head on
  • Friends to lovers to….?
  • Love the dichotomy between the loving sheltering and the punishment protection.
  • Flew by, couldn’t put it down or stop thinking about it. Sticks with you afterwards too.

I really did not expect basically everything after the gayness jumped out. Almost a Tiffany D. Jackson level of revelation. The difference being, looking back is a perturbing quiet “ohhhhhhhhhh shit” rather than Jackson’s signature “wait, WHAT?” mind fuck. If things turned out worse, it’d be more like the latter.

I’m not going to lie to you. This is not a HEA. This is not a “fun” coming of age and coming out. Don’t go reading this wanting fluff.

I was not expecting to love all the characters so damn much. Even Though Nate and Cam would’ve been assholes in other novels. Hell, Nate would’ve been one in this book without his POV. Well, he is at times, but an understandable asshole. Not a justified one, but you know.

I love how everything flips and I can’t even pinpoint where things turned around. Like Cam says, “I think that how you feel toward someone doesn’t really change. More like, your feelings eventually get to where they were always going to end up. You evolve.”

Amazing stylized for the Layaway dragon theme.


I re-read the ending and damn it made me tear up all over again. If I could include it without spoiling, it’d be on my favorite quote list for sure.

Some Fav Quotes:

My stomach flips over as I realize those are the exact words I used to describe what “girlfriend” means to me.


“It seems like you think that when someone treats you like this, the trick is to…make yourself not mind. And that’s not how it’s supposed to work.”


“I mean, she was worth it. You wait for people who are worth it.”


“But listen to me: This will not go away just because you like girls, too.”


Trying to beat Cam in an argument is like trying to catch smoke between your fingers.


His smile quietly tries to wrap around me–prodding with timid exuberance–and for once, finally, I let it.


About the Author:

About Zack Smedley

Zack Smedly Author Pic Deposing Nathan

Zack Smedley was born and raised in southern Maryland, in an endearing county almost no one has heard of. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from UMBC and currently works within the field. As a member of the LGBT community, his goal is to give a voice to marginalized young adults through gritty, morally complex narratives. He spends his free time building furniture, baking, tinkering with electronics, and managing his obsession with the works of Aaron Sorkin. DEPOSING NATHAN is his first novel.


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