Giveaways on The Broke Book Bank (TBBB) are provided by or hosted by a 3rd Party. Usually, it’s a blog tour where an author is hosting it using a blog tour company to handle everything.
           Giveaways vary from using Rafflecopter with multiple chances to enter to scavenger hunts. If I’m (Brooke Banks) chosing the winning entry, your information than will be forwarded to the responsible 3rd party. Winners are chosen randomly through services such as Rafflecopter or Sometimes, though, a 3rd party will be picking. I have no control over their picking decision, much like the lottery unfortunately.
               If something goes wrong, you may contact TBBB to contact the 3rd party for you. However, since I’m not magic, I can’t force them to do anything. I’m not psychic either so I may not be able to give you an answer if they don’t reply. You can always contact the 3rd party directly, since I do tell you who’s hosting/sponsoring the giveaways I post.
           You can always enter as many giveaways that you want on The Broke Book Bank. That’s really the point of posting them all…
           Entries for giveaways are specified on the giveaway posting. It may require commenting, following, scavenging or just clicking on the Raflecopter free entry. It varies greatly, though generally I do not like making it a requirement to follow. I want you to follow me because you like me, really like me, not just for a chance to win free stuff. (Though I love all my followers regardless.) Of course, I don’t always get to set the rules so following an author (for example) maybe required on a certain giveaway.
           Winners will be contacted by email or blog post depending on availability. I may post that a winner has been chosen on a Raflecopter form through facebook or twitter.
           Giveaways will state on the posting if there are requirements, i.e. must be 18 years or older or location limitations. Unless otherwise stated you must be at least 13 years or older in order to enter.
           All the information submitted for giveaways, i.e. usernames, emails, and addresses will only be used for that giveaway. I will not keep, sell, or use your information in any way except for the purposes of the giveaway.
           Winners name, email and, if applicable, shipping address will be given to the 3rd party running the giveaway in order to deliver the goods.
           All giveaways can be ended without notice or reason given.
           Entrants can be disqualified without notification. Please pay attention to the giveaway qualifications and rules. It should go without saying but just in case to cover my ass: No cheating!
           The Broke Book Bank is not responsible for items lost in shipping or items shipped from 3rd parties. Since I’m too broke to buy my own books, let alone send my dear followers any, I’m not going to be the one handling delivery. If this ever changes or I splurge on my awesome followers one day, you’ll know in the giveaway posting who’s responsible.
           As for e-book giveaways, again, it’s sent by the responsible 3rd party. I’m not responsible if something goes awry, like if the interweb fairies decides to keep the book for themselves.