On Tour: The Kill Club Review + Fav Quotes

As soon as I read the blurb, I had to have The Kill Club. As a survivor failed by the justice system, vigilantism against abusers and rapists always gets me. That’s my kind of escapism fantasy – sometimes.

And The Kill Club delivers. In the best and worst ways. With a lesbian MC and a bi/pan romance interest!!

I repeat: With a lesbian MC and a bi/pan romance interest!!

About The Kill Club:

I received this book for free from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

On Tour: The Kill Club Review + Fav QuotesTitle: The Kill Club
Author: Wendy Heard
Pub. Date: December 17, 2019
Publisher Mira Books
Genres: Adult, Suspense, Thriller, W/W
Pages: 368
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Jazz will stop at nothing to save her brother.

Their foster mother, Carol, has always been fanatical, but with Jazz grown up and out of the house, Carol takes a dangerous turn that threatens thirteen-year-old Joaquin’s life. Over and over, child services fails to intervene, and Joaquin is running out of time.

Then Jazz gets a blocked call from someone offering a solution. There are others like her—people the law has failed. They’ve formed an underground network of “helpers,” each agreeing to eliminate the abuser of another. They’re taking back their power and leaving a trail of bodies throughout Los Angeles—dubbed the Blackbird Killings. If Jazz joins them, they’ll take care of Carol for good.

All she has to do is kill a stranger.

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IMHO: The Kill Club

This is a fucking stellar suspense mystery. I started it and couldn’t stop until the last page. Had no clue what was coming next. Didn’t guess any perps before revealed. Nicely done misdirects and pacing. No too dumb to live moments. In fact, Jazz was scrappy AF and Sofia was brilliant.

Jazz, I loves you. And all you’re tattoos and snarky glory.

Joaquin, I loves you too, little buddy.

Sofia, my put-together-at-6AM bi/pan queen.

I love the alternative POVs. Think Crash, but not shitty perpetuating bullshit. That’s where I picked my first favorite quote from in fact. A despicable one, but damn is it well done.

And it doesn’t stick to just traditional abusers and victims either. I’m so glad there’s some male victim representation included.

This probably makes me a terrible person, but I love the “fuck it, shotgun time” moment. XD

Yep, my rule about Author’s Notes/Acknowledgements at the end still holds true. I love how Heard brings the facts and a spotlight on important issues, like homelessness.



Amazing stylized for the Layaway dragon theme.


It’d be a romantic suspense except for the no happy ending nonsense. Gays should only be buried in love and solidarity nowadays. >:(  So close to perfection.

I’m so down for more like The Kill Club and from Wendy Heard. I just added her YA debut to my TBR in fact.


Favorite Quotes:

He needs to take control, like Edward did in Port Angeles when Bella almost got herself raped by that gang of guys. Yes, that’s the part of the story they’re in, the part where Edward takes control.


Thank you for mansplaining the presumption of innocence to me, twat.


It delivers its signature “chunk-chunk-hummmmm” that signals the arctic cooling of the area immediately around the window.


“First rule of murder club. Don’t talk about murder club. Got it.”


That would be a relief, the kind that only lasts a minute. That’s the kind of pain I can handle.


About the Author:

About Wendy Heard

wendy heard author picture

Wendy Heard, author of Hunting Annabelle, was born in San Francisco and has lived most of her life in Los Angeles. When not writing, she can be found hiking the Griffith Park trails, taking the Metro and then questioning this decision, and haunting local bookstores.

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