Review of Las Vegas Tales: Erotic Interracial Short Stories by a BW

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Excerpt from The Guardian

(Las Vegas Tales 1) by Amber Malloy

All rights reserved.Copyright ©2017 Amber Malloy


The last remains of the Vegas nightlife surrounded his bar, where the showgirls from the Bellagio ignored last call. Jack Stone cleaned off the glasses with a smile. He had no choice; this town was a world of its own. Only in Las Vegas would a baby shower at the witching hour be acceptable. The star act of the Night Review was not blessing a new life with just any old nightclub but one where old Hollywood had once clamored to get in.

“To Mindy, for getting out of the dance race before she got tossed out on her pregnant ass!” The pack of Amazons cheered at their captain’s toast.

“Last ones, lovelies,” Jack called out. “It’s time to go.”

“Aw, come on, Jack, one more?” they whined practically in unison.

“Sorry, girls, the big boss would have my head if he knew I kept us open this late.”

“We could only make it over after the show.” The tallest of the tribe reached across the dark bar to touch his shoulder. “I’m sure you can pull a few strings.”

Jack kept his smile firmly in place, without allowing them to know he was immune to their charm. “Last one,” he repeated with a wink to soften the blow.

“Okay, you win.” Still sparkly from her performance earlier, the replacement showgirl took her Peppermint Schnapps down like a pro. “What do you say to dinner tomorrow night after last curtain?”

Since his return to Vegas three years ago, this was the same song and dance he went through nightly. He was hip deep in friends with benefit offers. At first he indulged in the available pool of beauties, a distraction from his true mission. It would have been easy to keep going, but the sexy woman who had just stepped into Pauline’s consumed his mind and heart.

Lena Mercier walked upstream of the thin dancers. Toned with curves in all the right places, she was an artistic statue painted in the vibrant hue of milk chocolate.

“Thanks for the drinks!” The showgirls headed out of the bar doors in a peal of giggles.

“You’ve got something of mine, Jack,” Lena said in a subtle tone that stopped the mindless chatter in his head. The Lululemon leggings cupped her perfect ass. It was her usual travel uniform. She must have just gotten off a plane. A fancy tank top and light leather jacket topped off her outfit. Her sleek black hair fell in a swoop in front of her right eye — a sophisticated cut that showcased her elegant neck. Jack noted how perfect she looked. Except for the fact she had left town two weeks ago, and he had no idea where she had gone. It still aggravated him.

He wiped down the deep wood and concentrated on the high polish, instead of the sexy woman in front of him. “Just put your lips together and blow.”

She gave him a cheeky smile before she put her fingers to her mouth and ripped a high-C whistle. In a matter of moments, the heavy panting of excitement filled the damn near empty bar. A squat, furry toad ran at full tilt in her direction. Lena’s Frenchie, Harry, hopped on the chair, then the table before he took full flight through the air. Lena caught the little fucker in the crook of her arm.

Since he never tired of that circus trick, Jack chuckled. “Nightcap?” Happy to see his neighbor had made it back home, he tried not to compete for her attention with the dog.

“Sorry, Jack, I’m beat.”

“You want to talk about it? After all, bartenders are great listeners.” He nudged to get her to open up about her work. Once high school sweethearts, they’d spent more than a decade apart, and then one day she was back. Since he didn’t believe in coincidence, he had his suspicions why Lena had suddenly showed up in his life.

“If only that were true.” Lena smiled before she headed toward the door.

“We’re not good listeners?” He wished she would stay and keep him company.

“No,” she turned around, stopping short of disappearing into the cool night, “the part where you’re just the bartender.”


About the Author:

Amber Malloy dreamed of being a double agent but couldn’t pass the psyche evaluation. Crushed by despair that she couldn’t legally shoot things, Amber pursued her second career choice as pastry chef. When she’s not writing or whipping up a mean Snickers Cheesecake, she occasionally spies on her sommelier. Amber is convinced he’s faking his French accent.
Amber loves to talk to her readers and can be found at

Heads up for a couple of things before I get to the story by story breakdown:

  • Sexily explicit. This feels like a “duh” but just to be extra clear…
  • Great, if you like… Brown beauties with coke bottle figures, men who lavish them and squirting. There’s all kinds of positions, and places. I like how it’s not drawn out sessions; There’s several instances of “wish I could’ve lasted longer but…” and that unable to hold it back passion is HOT. 
  •  All of these stories switch POVs between the man and woman.
  • All of the stories are straight, one man and one woman. I was honestly really disappointed. I don’t think BW + BW/WOC get enough attention or stories. I have to admit, this is my biggest complaint.
  • The food comparisons for skin tone is prevalent. I know it’s problematic AF when white people, but given Amber isn’t and the majority is pussy eating related, I just want to give a heads up for BW who can’t/don’t want to read books including such descriptions. Further reading on the subject can be found here:
  • I’ve been informed video interracial porn uses phrases certain racial  phrases that I’m uncomfortable even repeating. Thankfully, none of that nonsense here. Here’s the best least problematic example I found to share from Yo, Is This Racist? 

Story by Story Review:

  1. The first story, The Guardian, threw me for a loop with what was happen. I know two high school flames are locked together in a safe house while one sells a casino. It was hot, but what they were talking about? Not a clue. Just enjoy it. 
  2. High Art, the second story following a painter and her deceased benefactor’s husband is my second favorite and it’s a really close, almost tied for my absolute favorite. But more on that in a min. I LOVED Bebe’s painting style and subject matter, A+. And her social skills are not a gimmick. How she met the “what’s wrong with you questions?” head on and her “if that’s what you mean response”, A+. I also have a soft spot for the deep throating scenes. The only thing that still bothers me is WTF happens next?! Are they okay together? They broke or what?!? This open ending is irritating and it’s best for me not to think about it more. 
  3. Beauty & The Boxer is the third story and my FAVE. Like want a full book following their next steps kind of favorite. It’s starts off as the morning after with The Boxer telling The Baker what whirlwind they went through together the night before. They immediately hooked me and I loved how the story unfolded. Her worry about sitting on his face? The baking show competition? Money worries and goals? Being the “black sheep” of the family status? Her retro style and insecurity? Their relationship? Just ALL the LOVE. They are so adorable and sexy and I am SO in their corner. 
  4. Run, Pussycat, Run is the final story in this collection. Set in the mob days of Old Las Vegas in the clubs featured in The Guardian during their glamours heydays. I will admit I had slight problems following this one as well, the logistics…it just seems like so long, and so bad and so easy to get out of trouble. But everything else, them being a long standing couple and fighting for each other? D’AWWWW



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