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Happy Friday the 13th all ya’ll! Spooky season is officially upon us. While today’s feature isn’t particularly spooky, it does have a badass pair of women, one pirate elf and one human princess, which are always staples. Check out The Veiled Threat below with my  5 star review, excerpt, favorite quotes, and giveaway below!

About the Veiled Threat:

I received this book for free from YA Bound Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Veiled Threat Blog Tour ReviewTitle: The Veiled Threat
Author: Sophia Menesini, Lexie Moorehead
Series: The Veiled Duchess #1
Pub. Date: July 1, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, W/W
Format: ebook
Pages: 500
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Captain Shea Lara is the current leader of The Veiled Duchess. The most feared pirate ship in all of Neried. And now, after completing her former mentor's final score, she's retiring. Everything seems to be coming to an end... Until a mysterious stranger drags her back into the fold with an offer for a score she can't refuse. All she has to do is kidnap the crowned princess of the northern Queendom, Princess Joana of Arethusa. The prize is just within reach. But sparks fly as the two women collide. And an obscured threat that could upturn Shea's entire world storms on the horizon. She'll face it alone unless she can allow herself the support she needs from old and new allies alike. Something's coming and Shea is at the center of it.

Excerpt from The Veiled Threat:

Because all Jo wants is to press a kiss on those beautiful lips but instead, she pulls back and smiles broadly.
“Thank goodness too or we’d both be tripping over ourselves.” And there goes that laugh again and, oh yes; there is no way she’s letting this girl get away. Because now Jo has hope. In time she can even see herself marrying this wonderful girl and, with any luck, they’ll fall in love later.

Short & sweet, and chosen because I love that last line. It was going to be on my list of favorite quotes!

IMHO: the Veiled Threat

The Veiled Threat honestly reads like a mainstream harlequin romance but for women loving women in a fantasy setting. I didn’t realize it wasn’t traditionally published until I went looking for information on the sequel that I have a mighty need for. *cough* Anywho, here’s the quick run down…

  • Quickly sucked in, starts with the action of capturing a prized haul for our pirate crew
  • Love this world building
  • Long live the matriarchies!
  • Love Shea’s sister/auntie relationship with Aster
  • Interesting having the elves as the enslaved and oppressed. Usually they’re angelic and aristocratic.
  • Sooooo many different kinds of women characters!
  • The unexpected was really unexpected
  • The romance is just adorable, and makes my queer heart beam with pride
  • The job Shea accepted is wrapped up, but there’s so much more brewing & a wicked queen to topple
  • Needs the next one nOW!



Swashbuckling action across the land, with characters of all types, while two young women go from enemies to lovers. Way different take on elves and the  Greek/Roman pantheon.

I’ve been racking my brain for over a week now and can’t come up with any direct comp titles. The closest is The Afterwardwhich is also amazing & easily recommendable as well for w/w fantasy fans. But there should be more! I needs more! Rec me some more w/w fantasy in the comments below, please!

Some Favorite Quotes From The Veiled Threat:

Shea tucks a stray strand of vibrant red hair behind her pointed ear and laughs. “Maybe. But I’m the only one that’s grown into my ears!”


The Lycon Captain’s hat stays in the air a fraction of a second longer than the Pinnace as the lifeboat free falls to the Ocean’s surface and she can’t hold back her chuckle at the Lycons’ high pitched screams.


The candle sticks drip onto the short table by the fire, and the night fades into heated bliss.


“I wasn’t your love, princess,” Shea states and Jo glares up at her angrily, “I’m the villain in your story.”


Jo’s blue yes almost glow in the darkness, and Shea finally realizes why they’re so hypnotizing. They burn just like starlight.

“It’s a yes or no question”

“Perhaps but nobles have something called tact.”

“Yeah well Pirates call that bullshit.”


If Jo didn’t find her so damn adorable, she’d almost be intimidating.

Everything is going to be fine, but Jo figures it might not be a bad idea to grab that sword from her quarters.

About the Author:

About Sophia Menesini

sophia menesini author photo

Sophia Menesini lives in Martinez, CA with her husband, and their two small Chihuahuas, Ziggy and Zeppelin. The Veiled Threat is her first novel. Sophia is an avid tea connoisseur and lover of Scotland with an unconventional memory for obscure Disney and Broadway song lyrics.


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