Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall: Mystery Starring Lesbian Detective

Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall: Mystery Starring Lesbian Detective

I received this book for free from Bewitching Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall: Mystery Starring Lesbian DetectiveTitle: Under Parr
Author: Andrea Bramhall
Series: Norfolk Coast Investigation Story #2
Pub. Date: May 2nd 2017
Publisher Ylva Publishing
Genres: Adult, Crime, Mystery, Romance, W/W
Format: ebook
Pages: 308
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December 5th, 2013 left its mark on the North Norfolk Coast in more ways than one. A tidal surge and storm swept millennia-old cliff faces into the sea and flooded homes and businesses up and down the coast. It also buried a secret in the WWII bunker hiding under the golf course at Brancaster. A secret kept for years, until it falls squarely into the lap of Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon and her fellow officers.
A skeleton, deep inside the bunker.
How did it get there? Who was he…or she? How did the stranger die—in a tragic accident or something more sinister?
Well, that’s Kate’s job to find out.

I’m happy to have a review for the aforementioned Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall from Ylva Publishing. I’ve read several books from Ylva, and everyone has been an enjoyable success. Come see why Under Parr continues the trend and find out what other books of theirs I love!


Andrea Bramhall wrote her first novel at the age of six and three-quarters. It was seven pages long and held together with a pink ribbon. Her Gran still has it in the attic. Since then she has progressed a little bit and now has a number of published works held together with glue, not ribbons, an Alice B. Lavender certificate, and a Lambda Literary award cluttering up her book shelves.
She studied music and all things arty at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in 2002 with a BA in contemporary arts. She is certain it will prove useful someday… maybe.
When she isn’t busy running a campsite and hostel on the North Norfolk Coast, Bramhall can be found hunched over her laptop scribbling down the stories that won’t let her sleep. She can also be found reading, walking the dogs up mountains while taking a few thousand photos, scuba diving while taking a few thousand photos, swimming, kayaking, playing the saxophone, or cycling.

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Content Warning: PTSD, Abusive Relationships, Bullying, Assisted Living and Death, 

I was so impressed with how Under Parr hit the ground running and included so much background it felt like the team had been working together forever. I didn’t realize this was the second book in a series until I went to add the book information to this post. Oops. Well, at least you know you can read it as a standalone for sure!

While they discuss the previous case and its consequences are far-reaching for Kate, Gina, and Sammy, I didn’t have any problem keeping up or understanding.

Under Parr opens with a prologue of the murder taking place, and starts with Kate on the way to the scene some 3 years later. I was immediately hooked by it and found the dementia patient’s POV heartbreaking.

Kate is a standard seasoned detective, with a close set of co-workers that insult each other as a way of communicating. Coffee addiction? Betting pools? Sexual jokes? Of course, the more the merrier!  Her family history is sad and lends her insight on this particular case. Work, her dog, and her budding relationship with Gina is all she has going on, TBH. 

There’s two rookies they’re training up and joke about being pretty boys that take forever to get ready. I’m quite certain how one of them is going to end up…

Gina is an endearing struggling single mom. Her and Sammy’s trauma, recovery, and relationship evolving because of it is heartbreaking. I understand a quite a bit since my daughter and I have gone through something similar with escaping abusive family. It’s handled and portrayed very well. 

Gina’s relationship with her mother comes into play as well as the camp Gina’s running after her predecessor’s death in the first book. With dating Kate, the PTSD,  and the case, there’s a lot going on in Under Parr. However, it never felt overwhelming or confusing. I think the pieces were weaved together well.

But Sammy seemed far too young for her age. At 9, she’s saying “fink” instead of think, with her mom and teachers having to correct her all the time. Maybe I’m missing something from the first book, but that’s unusual and kept throwing me every time it happened.

All the little realist bits and pieces of what they couldn’t and couldn’t do as compared to CSI was cool. How it works over the pond in general is fascinating. Like making the forensics department civilians? And the people forced into service that were sent to mines and kept after the war? Holy fuck!

FYI: They’re call Belvin Boys

I am very interested in reading the first book, Collide-O-Scope, and continuing the series as it’s published.


Recommended for: Fans of crime mysteries, English countryside, and lesbians just being lesbians without it being a big deal.

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